Keurig K-Cafe Hungry For Truth Giveaway

Giveaway: Be Your Own Barista With a Keurig® K-Café™

When the craving hits, get your coffee fix without ever leaving your kitchen. Hungry for Truth and South Dakota soybean farmers are bringing the coffee shop to your countertop by giving away a Keurig® K-Café™ that can make any specialty drink you desire. We’re not talking about your average, one-trick coffee machine, although it’s mastered the classic cup of coffee too. With the ability to brew concentrated shots and froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos, this gadget leaves no caffeinated creation out of reach.

Pair your fresh cup of joe with a pumpkin streusel muffin or mini egg bake bite for a quick breakfast on the go, or slow things down for Sunday brunch with a fancy flavored latte and a plate of French toast. If you’re feeling creative, think outside the mug and incorporate your coffee into a decadent recipe like this soy chocolate coffee cake. Wherever your inspiration takes you, know the coffee cup you’re holding contains about the same amount of pesticides farmers use to protect an entire acre of farmland. That’s just 16 ounces for an entire football field! The pesticides are diluted with water and applied using precision technology right where they’re needed most to minimize waste and conserve resources.

Unlock a world of coffee possibilities and enter for your chance to win the Keurig by February 28 using the form below. Find further contest details by reading through the rules.

Keurig K-Cafe Hungry For Truth Giveaway

Want to learn more about how farmers use pesticides to keep their crops healthy? Paul Casper, a farmer from Lake Preston, explains how technology helps him mix and spray safely in this video.

Hungry for Truth is an initiative about food and farming funded by the South Dakota soybean checkoff. The goal is to connect South Dakotans with the farmers who grow and raise their food. 

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